The AT-504 is an agricultural and training aircraft that constitutes an excellent platform for instruction.

Agricultural and Coach.

With older pilots retiring there is a growing need within the agricultural aviation sector to train and prepare their replacements. With his many years of flying experience, Leland Snow, pioneer and founder of Air Tractor, clearly understood the challenges associated with training new agricultural pilots and set out to overcome them. The solution: the AT-504.

Based on the proven AT-502B airframe and utilizing the same Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG turboprop engine, the AT-504 is a superior platform for aero-agricultural and instructional applications, without sacrificing performance or flight characteristics.

Side-by-Side seating offers a significant advantage over training in a Tandem seat, thus creating a more natural and efficient condition for communication and workload sharing between instructor and student.

The AT 504’s optimal power-to-weight ratio allows for short takeoff runs and impressive climb rates. Its 978.5 km (608 miles) range and 25.9 meter (85 – ft) wide swath make it a cost-effective business partner for operations of all sizes. The impressive working speed of the AT-504 is equal to that of the AT-502B. Its flying characteristics provide excellent preparation for new pilots converting to the AT-502 or other turboprop agricultural aircraft.

The AT-504 was designed to meet the demands of a challenging market where a Bi-Place trainer has to provide more than just performance: it must also generate profit.


1584 m
Wing Area
2901 m²
Main Wheel Dimension
29.00 x 11-10
Tail Wheel Dimension
5.00 x 5


P&W PT6A-34AG 750 SHP @ 2200 RPM
Hartzell HC-B3TN-3D/T10282N+4
Cruising Speed at 2438m
243 kph
Aeroagricultural Application Speed
120-145 kph
Stall Speed with Flaps Retracted
121 kph
Stall Speed with Flaps Down
105 kph
Stall Speed in Landing Configuration
85 kph
Rate of Rise
262 mpm
Hooper Capacity
1836 L
Takeoff Weight
4354 kg
Landing weight
3629 kg
Empty Weight, with Spray Equipment
2163 kg
2191 kg
Takeoff Distance
351 m
Fuel Capacity
818 L
Range in Economic Cruise at 2438m
978 km